Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OpenStack Programs Core Developers

It seems to be something I look up fairly regularly: A listing of OpenStack core developers--either so I can get a +2 or just because I need to know if someone is on or not-on a given list.

I found the Canonical list by initially proposing in this blog the wrong list--and apparently that's a fairly common problem. So I'll link to the real list and explain how you might also be referring to the wrong list as well.

Official OpenStack Programs
OpenStack Technical Committee
Lastly, I ran across OpenStack Planet Core Developers when I was creating this list. They may be an aggregator team (ie, bloggers who get aggregated).  And hopefully, this blog will show up in the planet soon.

Now for the wrong list. Not so long ago, much of OpenStack was managed in Launchpad. Consequently, there are also a somewhat correlating list of -core projects in Launchpad. However, I'm not going to reproduce them herein in order to avoid perpetuating them. I will mention the bug that has been posted to help clean them up though: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ci/+bug/1160277 and it is listed as in progress and did see some activity last month. If you happen to stumble onto this blog post and have some ownership over those dangling -core teams or other defunct/obsolete launchpad teams, go ahead and clean them up (pretty please).

Oh and one other editorial footnote: OpenStack now refers to the individual areas of development as programs, not projects as it used to. You might want to update your mental model to that terminology. Many thanks to ttx for the review of this document (though all errors and faux pas are mine.)

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