Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat Early

I live in a contested state--Colorado. This year, for the first time ever, I begin to understand what New Hampshire or Iowa must be like during the primaries. We've had pollers call. We've had push-polls call. We've had city party offices call. We've had county offices call. We've had state party offices call. And of course, we've had national parties call. None of this is really that out of the ordinary, just an increase in call volume over years past.

However, this year has seen something new. Door-to-door canvassing by the presidential, senatorial, and congressional candidate parties. No--Barack, McCain, Palin, and Biden haven't made the rounds themselves, merely their faithful. So, this isn't really the same as New Hampshire or Iowa. The presidential tickets have all been in the neighborhood though (and Barack is in town today.) However, we've had our doorbell rung sooooo many times this year we had to put up a notice on the front porch to cease and desist. It was just like Halloween--almost as soon as I had re-focused after one doorbell ring, another would occur.

Perhaps we should just have made two buckets of campaign pins and held them out for the trick-or-treaters to take one of their choice. They do all come in costume of course (well, with lapel pins, hats, etc.)

Kids, don't dress up as any politician this halloween and expect to get the prized chocolate candy bar--we're tired of that already. Do something far less scary--come as a chainsaw toting villain, blood-dripping vampire, or blood-curdling, screaming banshee. I can't take another politician.