Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toy or Tool

I've been looking at getting a new toy/tool and am leaning towards this one:

This machine comes from the long line of eee pcs from Asus. This one is a Tablet computer--so it's not just a "pad", it's also a computer. It does have a few shortcomings, primarily that it is limited to 2G of RAM. It's also a bit tricky to convert it from 160GB HD to an SSD (rumors of 16 screws to do so.)

However, it does run Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and that (with a few tweaks/fixes) enables about everything except a fully functional multi-touch and pressure sensitivity. I'll likely keep this multiboot. If you are one of 'doze kind of people, bear in mind that the Starter edition is pretty much a non-starter on this box and you'll need to pay the Ballmer for something more (or re-read that first line: IT RUNS LINUX.)

There is a promotional video here and a "hands on" video here (but a bit long.) I think if I purchase this, I'll do a "hands on Lucid" video for teh Intartube.