Sunday, February 25, 2007


Stuart made the local news today after visting the world famous Little Shop of Physics put on by Colorado State University this year.

Spencer visited CSU earlier this month for their Engineering Exploration Day held by the School of Engineering. This was his first college visit but most assuredly won't be his last. He's dragging in about 20 pieces of mail per week as a result of his PSAT test.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Geek Update

Geeks Who Drink is a recurring bar event at the Trail Head Tavern in Fort Collins. A co-worker of mine recently invited me to sit in on his team....

and we won, so he invited me back last night. Alas, the victorious "I Broke My FEMA" team could not compete successfully in as many categories this week and took a modest but acceptable fourth.

My kind teammates pointed out that I was not officially old, as at least one of their parents was born before I was..... I'm only mostly old.

*note, though called "Geeks Who Drink", I stick to diet soda for health reasons... and it's also free, so that's abonus.

Arctic Update

More snow and more cold....


Expected highs tomorrow (Groundhog Day!) are... 4F.