Thursday, April 2, 2009

HP delivers!

I don't often (ever?) blog about HP, but just today they did something blog-worthy. My son has a 2510p laptop. It started making a really weird noise a week or so ago. I found out about it a week ago. It was clearly a hardware problem related to the fan. (It sounded like a cross between a dying cow mooing and a sheep bleating.)

We called HP support. We bought the laptop with a 3 year extended warranty. Their voice menu sent us to hold but after about 6 minutes a human answered. I described the problem and offered to boot up the laptop so she could hear it. Upon hearing the fan noise, she immediately said "Yep, that's a hardware problem. I'm overnighting you a shipping container. We'll have it back to you in a week."

HP had it back in less than a week. Nice. That this came on the heals of a fiasco with my neice's Acer Aspire laptop (which is essentially a brick now) made it even sweeter. Thanks HP.

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