Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wiimote Control Woolz!!!

Okay, in typical blogger fashion, I'm now going to advocate a new product--the Wiimote. There is a very ingenious fellow at Carnegie Mellon named Johnny Chung Lee. Johnny has produced the most amazing youtube video of his wiimote infrared camera interactive whiteboard. The Wiimote is the Nintendo Wii Remote Control (and really is called the wiimote.)

This is so cool and it will basically be my hobby and time sync until I have the demo running here at home.... and at work... and at LCHS.....

And even though Wiis are sold out nationwide, getting a wiimote is just a trip to the nearest retailer....

Watch his VIDEO. He has also done some other things with the Wiimote akin to Minority Report. See this very informative Finger Dance.

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