Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Famous Diary

LCHS went to see The Diary of Anne Frank at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. A couple of comments....
  • If you live north of Denver as I do, getting to the DCPA is a snap. Just take Speer off I25 and look for the signage. It's just like going to Elitch's.
  • The Denver Center (as the DCPA is usually known) puts on high quality productions.
  • Bring $CASH$ for parking in their garage. It's quick, convenient, but non-free.
The 2007-12-07 performance was quite good. I'd never been to the Space Theater before. It's a theater-in-the-round and as the cast themselves said, it gives every section an entirely different show. Depending on where you are sitting, you may be face to face with the lead or face-to-tail with one of the supporting actors.... but they do tend to move around so you'll likely be adjacent to someone saying lines sooner or later if you are in the front row.

I mentioned above, " the cast themselves said...", and I should explain. After the shows (at least all of the matinees I have been to), a subset of the cast appears on stage to address a largely school-age audience and their questions. For about 15 minutes, anything goes--from
  • How can I become an actor?
  • Is that your real hair?
  • Do you make a lot of money?
  • How did you get the part--how many people did you have to beat out?
as well as any technical, directorial, etc questions.

This was also my first exposure to the play and I don't recall reading the book/play back in my youth. So, it was all good.

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